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Klaus Voormann’s collection of artwork inspired by the Beatles during their trips to Hamburg.

I love these pictures so much. I feel like they really capture what was going on in The Beatles’ lives while they were over there - just a couple of young, struggling musicians from Liverpool trying to earn their keep in the gritty, notoriously filthy, excitingly strange city of Hamburg. There’s a strange, slightly melancholic excitement about them. You can practically feel the mixed emotions stemming from each of them in the pictures. The happiness, the excitement, the misery and just everything I image that they would have felt while they were there. I think they’re truly amazing to look at. They’re moments in time immortalized by someone who was there with them, experiencing what they experienced, someone who lived through it all with them, someone who shared the highs and the lows of those manic Hamburg days. And someone who captured it all via his art and shared these little snippets of the boy’s lives (pre-Beatlemania) with the world. It’s particularly wonderful because this was a time when they were changing, growing and improving so much as both people and musicians. Some of these works of art were created during the last point in their lives that The Beatles were truly free to run wild and do as they pleased - before they were thrust into the spotlight and were destined to spend the rest of their days as a band beneath a microscope of endless media scrutiny and a seemingly never-ending mass of adoring fans. A time when the future was unpredictable and a time when they were still just young men, boys even, with no idea of the fame, adoration and global success that was soon to come their way and change their lives forever. These pictures represent a time when they were free - and maybe the last time they were ever truly free. I’m in love with these pictures. And I’m so glad that the wonderfully talented Klaus Voormann decided to not only create them but to share them with the world.

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